About Us

Welcome! We are Puppetit Entertainers, a group of experienced professional entertainers willing to bring fun to your party with our assorted pool of activities and Fun packs for kids birthday parties and events.

The activities we offer include games, face painting, magic, bubbles, special characters, music and dancing, balloons, special activities for toddlers, songs, parachute games and more!

We know that preparing a party is a huge job for the whole family. We know as well that children are spontaneous, unpredictable and restless so we have changed our fun packs in order to offer their parents a pool of different activities to choose without affecting the price. In this way, we can offer the kids different activities and options to plan the party of their dreams, with their parents knowing that they will have exactly what they want.

So how about having the activities that your birthday girl/boy loves for a very affordable price and forget about the extra payment for each of them? It sounds great, doesn’t it? You only have to go to our pool of activities page, then to our fun packs page, choose your fun pack, check the prices, and contact us to book your Puppetit entertainer!

Happy Parties for Happy Kids!

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