About Us

Welcome! We are Puppetit Entertainers, a group of experienced children’s entertainers in London who know how stressful organising a party can be. We try to help you by getting rid of that stress and bringing everything you need on the day for the kids to have fun. The truth is that children don’t care about fancy, what they do want is someone they can relate with, someone who can prompt them to have fun and that has fun with them.

Our aim is to BE that person, welcome them and become part of the party, prompt their fun, make them laugh and enjoy and engage them into the activities. That will make it a successful party, tailored and unique, not a the same as always with all the same activities, tricks, and so.

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The activities we offer include games, face painting, magic, bubbles, special characters, music and dancing, balloons, special activities for toddlers, songs, parachute games and more!

Happy Parties for Happy Kids!

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