Puppetit Children's Entertainer

We know that preparing a party is a huge and stressful job for the whole family. We know that the parents are looking to make a happy and special moment for their children and that sometimes you are not able to enjoy the party with your child because all the organization involved. Puppetit Entertainers apart from offering the best children’s entertainment in London it also offers you a moment of relaxation where you will be able to enjoy the party with your guests, to take pictures of the children jumping and dancing and you will be able to have fun as well!

The children are spontaneous, unpredictable and restless and the best form of entertainment is playing with the children like grown up kids and going crazy with them, creating a special bond with the entertainer and confidence so they can engage easier. Our fun packs offer the parents a pool of different activities to choose without affecting the price.

In this way, we can offer the kids different activities and options to plan the party of their dreams, with their parents knowing that they will have exactly what they want.

So how about choosing the activities your son/daughter loves? It sounds great, doesn’t it? You can even choose your entertainer here and you only have to go to our fun packs page, choose your fun pack and contact us to book your Puppetit entertainer!

Take a look at What we do because we can make your child’s party a happy moment that she/he will remember forever!

Happy Parties for Happy Kids!

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