20 Minute Activities

Mix and match these activities for our 1hr Basic Fun Pack! You can choose three out of:
GAMES – Fun and exciting games tailored to the age range of your party, that goes from Cooperative games, following the leader, colours and animals recognition, challenges against the entertainer and between each other, basic competitions, props like balloons, parachute, tunnels, balls, etc.
MAGIC – A great kids magic show featuring sponge rabbits, magic wands, vanishing objects, ropes, colouring books, magical bags and boxes and more!
BUBBLES – Not from a bottle, medium and giant sized bubbles for kids! Watch them run, scream and pop endlessly with our huge bubbles (recommended outdoors or in a not slippery floor)
PUPPETS – A short story told by our entertainer and our puppet friends featuring… your kids! They will be part of it and help our puppets with their adventure!
BALLOONS – Every kid loves Balloons! Each child will get a balloon modelled into their favourite shape, from swords, flowers, dogs, snakes, to bow and arrow, crowns and more!
MINI FACE PAINTING – Mini Face painting for every child, their favourite characters done quickly so everyone can get a sweet butterfly, daring superhero, amazing flowers, crowns and tiaras, clown or pirate faces, ninja turtles, power rangers and more!
SCIENCE – An amazing story told by doing science! Join our entertainers in this scientific adventure that will lead, maybe to a huge volcano eruption!
DANCING – Music, the latest hits, the kids will enjoy musical games and activities with their favourite songs. Dancing, singing and more with our dancing selection!

30 Minute Activities

Mix and Match these activities for our 1.5 hrs Super Fun Pack, our 2 hrs Mega Fun Pack, or 2.5 hrs Ultra Fun Pack!
GAMES – Lots of tiring and highly energetic activities involving running, jumping and shouting! Parachute games and competitions, the most enjoyable activity for kids 4-7 yrs old!
PUPPETS, STORYTELLING AND NURSERY RHYMES – The ideal mix for toddlers, we can do a short storytelling session, include our amazing Puppetit puppets and sing along with famous nursery rhymes that will have everyone singing and dancing together.
MAGIC AND SCIENCE SPECIAL – An amazing combination between regular magic tricks and scientific experiments that cross the line with the magic. Let the kids be amazed and learn a bit more of the world with this exciting combination!
DANCING WITH BUBBLES – The children will dance to the beat of their favourite songs and will also enjoy the popping of giant bubbles and multiple bubbles while they dance. There is no better combination than music and bubbles!
BALLOON MODELLING – Balloon shapes for every child to play with during the party, and even take it home!
MINI FACE PAINTING – Beautiful designs adaptable to what each child wants to get. If we do not have it, we can always try!

45 Minutes Activities

Mix and match for our 3 hrs Hyper Fun pack! You can also choose some of these for the 2.5 hrs Ultra fun pack and complete with activities above!
GAMES – The longer the better, this is an activity we always recommend to choose, as kids looove to play. This is the time to tire them up, make them run and compete. It is the perfect ice breaker and will get their energy up for the rest of the party!
BUBBLES AND BALLOONS – Our amazing Giant bubbles followed by the modelling balloon shapes for every child, they won’t know if they want to pop the bubble or the balloon!!
SCIENCE AND MAGIC SPECIAL – Longer version of our Magic and Science, including also a Mystery Substance game for the ones who dare to guess!
FACE PAINTING – Depending on the number of kids, we can go for mini face painting, bigger face painting of stencil tattoos!
PUPPETS, NURSERY RHYMES AND DANCING – Ultimate mix of activities for young audiences!
Contact us to get more information and for suggestions. We are open to listen to you and adapt in order to do exactly what you want!

Happy Parties for Happy Kids!

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