Hyper Fun Bubbles

Do not hold back and choose our Hyper Fun Bubbles activity for your party! Every kid, teenager and adult loves bubbles, there is no need to deny it, we know it and you know it too. So, choosing our amazing bubble show for your kids party will not only make it a success, it will always leave every child and their parents with a huge smile!

Fun Bubbles for Kids

When you decide to go for our Hyper Fun Bubbles for kids parties, you ensure a very clean and soapy entertainment for your children!!
  1. Our Bubbles are recommended for outdoors parties, however, we can also do it indoors! (just remember that soap is very slippery.)
  2. We will start with a series of multiple sized bubbles
  3. Continuing with the giant bubbles for the kids to pop!
  4. Shouting and fun from beginning to end.
You can select the activity of Hyper Fun Bubbles for:
  • 20 minutes
  • 30 minutes (mixed with some dancing)
  • 45 minutes (together with Balloons)
  • or 60 minutes (with Magic and Science shows)
Choose our Hyper Fun Bubbles for your party and include it in your Fun Pack together with our other activities to make your event one of a kind!
check what we do and contact us for more information or to make a booking!

Happy Parties for Happy Kids!

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