Ultra Fun Science

A very special activity for older and younger kids, our Ultra Fun Science activity includes the excitement of science and the magic of the unknown! We won’t bore the kids with explanations, but they will learn stuff and will ask how it is done! Great way to encourage little scientists to explore the marvels of the world!

Fun Science for Kids

Our Ultra Fun Science for kids activity will vary depending on the ages of the children, however these are some of the things we can do:
  1. We bring a set of household items that, combined make for great science experiments.
  2. We will tell a story and as part of the story we need to complete the scientific quests to get to the end!
  3. Completely interactive as the kids will help mix and do the experiments
  4. For older kids we can also add a Mystery Bag, where they need to guess what is inside by just touching (gooey, scary but fun!!)
You can select the activity of Ultra Fun Science for:
  • 20 minutes
  • 30 minutes (together with the magic)
  • 45 minutes (together with the magic)
  • or 60 minutes (with magic and bubbles)
Choose our Ultra Fun Science activity and add it to your favourite Fun Pack together with other activities to make the best party ever for your kids!
check what we do and contact us for more information or to make a booking!

Happy Parties for Happy Kids!

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